Student achievement

University Destinations
The majority of Estudy students go on to study at the most competitive and prestigious universities in the UK, US and Europe. View the University destinations and degree courses from below.

Cambridge University - Medicine
Oxford University - Engineering Oxford University - Law
London School of Economics - Actuarial Science
London School of Economics - Economics
London School of Economics Economics
London School of Economics - Economics and Economic History
London School of Economics - Finance and Accounting
London School of Economics - Government and Economics
London School of Economics - Law
London School of Economics - Management
Imperial College London - Chemistry
Imperial College London - Chemical Engineering
Imperial College London - Civil Engineering
Imperial College London - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Imperial College London - Design Engineering
Imperial College London - Materials Science and Engineering
Bristol University - Medicine
Chinese University of Hong Kong - Medicine
Chinese University of Hong Kong - Law
Hong Kong University - Actuarial Science
Hong Kong University - Engineering
Hong Kong University - Law
Hong Kong University - Medicine
University of Science and Technology - Business
University College London - Economics
University College London - Economics and Business
University College London - European Social and Political Studies
University College London - Medicine
University College London - Pharmacy
Warwick University - Accounting and Finance
Warwick University - Economics
Warwick University - Economics, Politics and International Studies

Thank you so much for your constant support and help these past few years! I’ve learnt so many concepts that I would otherwise have never been able to learn if it weren’t for your persistence and unique ability to make the most difficult of ideas into something that I can understand.

Cathy - South Island School
Without Estudy, I definitely wouldn’t be able to push up my grades from B to A*.

Maxine -Downe House School
Thank you for all the support you have given me over the course of the past 4 years with IGCSE and IB. It has truly been a great experience learning with you all.

Linden - West Island School
Successful Stories
Back then when I was struggling with my A levels exams and university choices, I was more than grateful to be offered a helping hand by my tutors in Estudy. Doing science subjects was a pain for a terrible mathematician like me, but Estudy tutors worked their socks off to get back on track. Estudy would always be my top choice for a tailored academic programme which is best suited for my needs and ambitious, preparing me for successful progression to university.

Allison from Badminton School (Current student in Warwick University, Double degree law & business)