Estudy is an education centre made up of outstanding people with a broad range of interests, talents and motivations.
Founded in Hong Kong in 2000, we help over 3000 students from different countries. We aim to help our students to get excellent results and fulfill their hopes.

Join us and share our passion!

Our Teachers
Our teachers are enthusiastic and highly motivated. Not only they are well qualified, they all have additional training at Estudy Education. This additional training is beneficial to both teachers and students.
On top of their specialist knowledge of a subject, our teachers help the students better understand the subject and be able to apply the subject knowledge in the exams. Estudy has a proven track record of fantastic public examination results.
Students will receive regular feedback and progress reports, highlighting areas for improvement.

Free assessment
The assessments provide us with indications of students’ current levels in the key areas of subjects they need help. It also gives us a clue of a student’s ability in relation to other students of the same age. In other words, whether they are above or below average.
The results of these assessments not only make available valuable information as to a student’s general ability, but also reveal the areas of strength and weakness.
Combined with information supplied by parents and students, the assessments enable our staff and teachers to accurately recommend custom-made programmes for the students.
Call us at 2803-0073 during our opening hours to make an appointment for a free assessment.